The summers that never arrived

At the beginning of the first century of contemporary age (1800-1816), the planet was characterized by a great political instability. While Europe was slowly recovering from the Napoleonic wars that had been completed only a year earlier, in Latin America the Spanish Independence War made most of the colonies independent of Spain. In Europe after years of desperation and destruction people he expected better times, but the coming summer was rainy and cold, crops did not produce fruits hunger and disease were the consequences.

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The strange cult of cargo ships

The worship of cargo ships, more commonly known as the “cargo cult”, is part of a social and religious movement of the inhabitants of Malanesia, a group of South Pacific islands to the north-west of Australia, which includes Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji and Vanuatu. The cults of ships and cargo planes began with the growing tension between the remote tribal populations, and armies engaged in the war in the Pacific.

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Le estati che non arrivarono mai

Agli inizi del primo secolo dell’età contemporanea (1800-1816), la terra era caratterizzata da una grande instabilità politica. Mentre l’Europa si stava riprendendo lentamente dalle guerre napoleoniche, che si erano concluse solo un anno prima, in America Latina la guerra d’indipendenza spagnola rese la maggior parte delle colonie indipendenti dalla Spagna. In Europa dopo anni di disperazione e distruzione la gente si aspettava tempi migliori, ma l’estate che arrivò fu piovosa e fredda, i raccolti non diedero frutti, la fame e le malattie furono le conseguenze.

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