Eventi terrestri interpretati come esperienze extraterrestri

Nel 1896 mentre Henry Ford costruiva la sua prima automobile e in Canada nella regione del Klondike iniziava la famosa corsa all’oro, gli Stati Uniti furono investiti da un’ondata di racconti di misteriose aeronavi che a detta di molti testimoni oculari solcavano il cielo sopra città e fattorie. Nel link sottostante un sottofondo musicale adatto per leggere questo post, tratto dalla colonna sonora di un classico del cinema di fantascienza “Ultimatum alla Terra“:

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Rambo live again in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, is the second largest island in the world after Greenland, is the realm of complexity, whose extreme environmental variety is reflected in the fragmentation of peoples, languages, mores and customs as in no other country in the world. It is an ethnic kaleidoscope, a linguistic and cultural mosaic: just over seven million inhabitants between Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya speak almost a thousand different languages, about a fifth of all those spoken on the planet. Here among prehistoric corners hidden by time and nature, something still survives from the original human being, the one who has to work daily to solve problems related to food and survival. Continua a leggere “Rambo live again in Papua New Guinea”

Terrestrial events interpreted as extraterrestrial experiences

In 1896 while Henry Ford built his first car and in Canada the famous gold rush began in the Klondike region, the United States was hit by a wave of tales of mysterious airships that according to many eyewitnesses plowed the sky above cities and farms. In the link below a background music suitable for reading this post, taken from the soundtrack of a science fiction classic ” The Day the Earth Stood Still“:

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