Benvenuti a Christmas island

La prima cosa che si può immaginare pensando a Christmas Island, è di un luogo con temperature fredde come la Lapponia, con distese di ghiaccio e vaste aree disabitate. Caratterizzato da lunghe notti con freddo pungente dell’artico; popolato da persone molto cordiali e gentili, contornato da profonde foreste popolate da animali selvatici.

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Vermi bioluminescenti, coleotteri armati e formiche zombie

Da sempre sono affascinato dall’etologia; ma soprattutto sono attratto dai comportamenti estremi che gli esseri viventi sviluppano per sopravvivere. Stando agli studi effettuati dai ricercatori, i comportamenti strani degli animali possono essere determinati sia dalla loro genetica; che acquisiti in base all’habitat in cui vivono. Ad ogni modo, che siano comportamenti istintivi o acquisiti, è ben risaputo che alcuni animali hanno dei comportamenti davvero strani e insoliti. Qui di seguito riporto tre esempi di comportamenti di insetti che mi hanno molto colpito; di cui uno sono stato anche partecipe in Nuova Zelanda. Continue reading “Vermi bioluminescenti, coleotteri armati e formiche zombie”

The strange cult of cargo ships

The worship of cargo ships, more commonly known as the “cargo cult”, is part of a social and religious movement of the inhabitants of Malanesia, a group of South Pacific islands to the north-west of Australia, which includes Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji and Vanuatu. The cults of ships and cargo planes began with the growing tension between the remote tribal populations, and armies engaged in the war in the Pacific.

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The ambiguous ruins of Nan Madol

In a remote area of the Pacific Ocean there is an extraordinary archaeological site almost unknown. His name is Nan Madol and starting from Europe or America takes many hours of flight to reach it. It’s located in Micronesia, on an island called Pohnpei (Ponape), located at over 1,600 miles east of Guam. The island and hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest land, and is surrounded by an insidious barrier reef that separates it from the rest of the world. If you are not familiar with these waters is difficult to reach unharmed.

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Rambo live again in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, is the second largest island in the world after Greenland, is the realm of complexity, whose extreme environmental variety is reflected in the fragmentation of peoples, languages, mores and customs as in no other country in the world. It is an ethnic kaleidoscope, a linguistic and cultural mosaic: just over seven million inhabitants between Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya speak almost a thousand different languages, about a fifth of all those spoken on the planet. Here among prehistoric corners hidden by time and nature, something still survives from the original human being, the one who has to work daily to solve problems related to food and survival. Continue reading “Rambo live again in Papua New Guinea”

Welcome to Christmas island

The first thing you can imagine thinking of Christmas Island, is a place with cold temperatures as Lapland, with expanses of ice and vast uninhabited areas. Characterized by long nights with the bitter cold of the Arctic, populated by very friendly and nice peoples, surrounded by deep forests populated by wild animals.

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Bioluminescent worms, armed beetles and zombie ants

I’ve always been fascinated by ethology; but are especially attracted by the extreme behavior that living things develop in order to survive. According to studies by the researchers, the strange behavior of animals can be determined both by their genetic acquired on the basis that the habitat in which they live. However, behaviors that are instinctive or acquired, it is well known that some animals have very strange and unusual behavior. Here I report three examples of behaviors of insects that I was very impressed; one of which. I have been a participant in New Zealand. Continue reading “Bioluminescent worms, armed beetles and zombie ants”

Le ambigue rovine di Nan Madol

In una zona remota dell’oceano Pacifico si trova uno straordinario sito archeologico quasi sconosciuto. Il suo nome è Nan Madol e partendo dall’Europa o dall’America occorrono decine di ore di volo per raggiungerlo. Si trova in Micronesia, su un isola chiamata Pohnpei (Ponapé), situata a oltre 1600 km a est di Guam. L’isola e’ distante centinaia di chilometri dalle terre più vicine, ed e’circondata da un’insidiosa barriera corallina che la separa dal resto del mondo. Se non si conoscono bene queste acque è difficile raggiungerla incolumi.

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