The summers that never arrived

At the beginning of the first century of contemporary age (1800-1816), the eartht was characterized by a great political instability. While Europe was slowly recovering from the Napoleonic wars that had been completed only a year earlier, in Latin America the Spanish Independence War made most of the colonies independent of Spain. In Europe after years of desperation and destruction people he expected better times, but the coming summer was rainy and cold, crops did not produce fruits hunger and disease were the consequences.

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The Goddess of Bliss and its plutonium

In the 60s the Himalaya was still considered the Shangri-La of exploration, a wild and legendary place free from celebrity that would have characterized it thanks to the mountaineering of the late twentieth century. The story I am about to tell concerns the 24th highest mountain in the world, the Nanda Devi (7,816m), which is located in India in the Great Himalaya in the northern sector of Uttar Pradesh in the domain of the Kumaum region, one of the areas with highest population density in the world. Continua a leggere “The Goddess of Bliss and its plutonium”

La Dea della Beatitudine e il suo plutonio

Negli anni 60 l’Himalaya era ancora considerato lo Shangri-La dell’esplorazione, un luogo selvaggio e leggendario libero dalla celebrità che lo avrebbe caratterizzato grazie all’alpinismo della fine del XX secolo. La storia che sto per raccontare riguarda la 24 esima montagna più alta del mondo, il Nanda Devi (7.816m), che si trova in India nel Grande Himalaya nel settore settentrionale dell’ Uttar Pradesh nel dominio della regione del Kumaum, una delle zone con più alta densità di popolazione al mondo.

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