La zattera di Thor Heyerdahl

Il 7 agosto del 1947, sballottata dalle onde che s’infrangevano sugli scogli, una zattera di legno di balsa e di banbù urtò la barriera corallina che proteggeva la quieta laguna di Raroria, una sperduta isoletta dell’arcipelago delle Marchesi, nel bel mezzo dell’oceano Pacifico. Continua a leggere “La zattera di Thor Heyerdahl”

Saints and secret societies of Siberia

With its eleven million square kilometers Siberia it is one of the largest territories and remote in the world. For generations, the Russians have used it as a gathering place for all kinds of religious exiles and prisoners. The first thing you have to think about the idea of Siberia is a vast and desolate place where there were very few people. The Russians have always seen it as an empty space that you found them to be filled, but unfortunately we never succeeded because it was too big! There were no roads suitable for traveling to the country; and this has contributed to the sense of isolation that the Russian community in this environment felt very cold and hostile. Siberian religious scene is particularly rooted, as there was minimal overlap of other cultures. Siberian shamanism is therefore considered by the classical scholars, the less contaminated by other cultures.

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Welcome to Christmas island

The first thing you can imagine thinking of Christmas Island, is a place with cold temperatures as Lapland, with expanses of ice and vast uninhabited areas. Characterized by long nights with the bitter cold of the Arctic, populated by very friendly and nice peoples, surrounded by deep forests populated by wild animals.

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Forse non tutti sanno che sulla terra esistono ancora poche etnie che non hanno mai avuto contatti con la società civilizzata. Esempi di queste tribù si trovano in quattro continenti: Asia, Oceania, America settentrionale e America meridionale. Tali gruppi umani, pur essendo la loro conoscenza di indubbio interesse antropologico, non vengono contattati dagli studiosi per scelta di questi ultimi: potrebbero infatti contagiare gli indigeni con virus per i quali il loro sistema immunitario non è preparato e provocarne l’estinzione.

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The ambiguous ruins of Nan Madol

In a remote area of the Pacific Ocean there is an extraordinary archaeological site almost unknown. His name is Nan Madol and starting from Europe or America takes many hours of flight to reach it. It’s located in Micronesia, on an island called Pohnpei (Ponape), located at over 1,600 miles east of Guam. The island and hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest land, and is surrounded by an insidious barrier reef that separates it from the rest of the world. If you are not familiar with these waters is difficult to reach unharmed.

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Planet Borneo

About a year ago I went to Malaysian Borneo, a unique place of its kind in the natural environment where the natural environment is presented under various and indefinite aspects, its beauty seems inexhaustible as its natural resources. Entering the jungle is a unique and unparalleled experience as it is a territory where man is still in complete harmony with the multiformity of nature, with the succession of seasons and years.

Because of its geographical position, far from everything and everyone, it is called the “Lost World”.

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Bioluminescent worms, armed beetles and zombie ants

I’ve always been fascinated by ethology; but are especially attracted by the extreme behavior that living things develop in order to survive. According to studies by the researchers, the strange behavior of animals can be determined both by their genetic acquired on the basis that the habitat in which they live. However, behaviors that are instinctive or acquired, it is well known that some animals have very strange and unusual behavior. Here I report three examples of behaviors of insects that I was very impressed; one of which. I have been a participant in New Zealand. Continua a leggere “Bioluminescent worms, armed beetles and zombie ants”

Lo strano culto delle navi da carico

Il culto delle navi da carico, più comunemente conosciuto come “il cargo cult“; fa parte di un movimento sociale e religioso degli abitanti della Malanesia, un gruppo di isole del Pacifico meridionale a nord-ovest dell’Australia, di cui fanno parte la Papua Nuova Guinea, Nuova Caledonia, Isole Figi e Vanuatu. I culti delle navi e degli aerei da carico ebbero inizio dalla crescente tensione fra le popolazioni tribali remote, e gli eserciti impegnati nella guerra nel Pacifico.

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Jesus Malverde the Narcos Saint

In the north-west of Mexico, between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific Ocean, there is the state of Sinaloa is known as the “cradle of drug trafficking.” Its state capital, Culiacan, the capital of the drug across the country. An average of 2-3 drug-related deaths are reported each day, and the drug violence between police and rival drug gangs is common in the city. However, just around the corner from the governor’s office, on the opposite side of the railroad tracks, a sanctuary exists as an ‘amalgam of narco-culture and his Catholicism. There he pays tribute to Jesús Malverde, also called Narcos Saint.
A steady stream of people can usually be found there, placing candles near busts, leaving framed photographs of loved ones who want healing or protection. Continua a leggere “Jesus Malverde the Narcos Saint”

La Dea della Beatitudine e il suo plutonio

Negli anni 60 l’Himalaya era ancora considerato lo Shangri-La dell’esplorazione, un luogo selvaggio e leggendario libero dalla celebrità che lo avrebbe caratterizzato grazie all’alpinismo della fine del XX secolo. La storia che sto per raccontare riguarda la 24 esima montagna più alta del mondo, il Nanda Devi (7.816m), che si trova in India nel Grande Himalaya nel settore settentrionale dell’ Uttar Pradesh nel dominio della regione del Kumaum, una delle zone con più alta densità di popolazione al mondo.

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The raft of Thor Heyerdahl

On the 7th of August in the year 1947, tossed by the waves crashing on the rocks, a raft of balsa wood and bamboo hit the reef that protected the quiet lagoon Raroria, a remote island in the Marquesas archipelago, in the middle of ‘Pacific Ocean.

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Rambo rivive in Papua Nuova Guinea

La Papua Nuova Guinea, è la seconda isola più grande del mondo dopo la Groenlandia, è il regno della complessità, la cui estrema varietà ambientale si riflette nella frammentazione di popoli, di lingue, di costumi e di usanze come in nessun altro paese al mondo. E’ un caleidoscopio etnico, un mosaico linguistico e culturale: poco più di sette milioni di abitanti tra Papua Nuova Guinea e Irian Jaya nel loro insieme parlano quasi mille idiomi differenti, circa un quinto di tutti quelli parlati sul pianeta. Qui tra angoli di preistoria nascosti dal tempo e dalla natura, sopravvive ancora qualcosa dell’essere umano originario, colui che deve quotidianamente adoperarsi per risolvere i problemi relativi al cibo e alla sopravvivenza. Continua a leggere “Rambo rivive in Papua Nuova Guinea”