The dermal vision

The dermal vision or paroptica vision , is the alleged ability to see with the skin. If it were possible to accept it as a real fact, it suggests that the skin contains photoreceptors orreceptor sensitive to electrostatic differential Alternatively, it is possible that the dermal vision is a paranormal phenomenon.


One of the best known exponents of the dermal vision since the 30s; was Kuda Bux, a variety actor of Pakistan, who specialized in reading, in riding and driving a car blindfolded. Allowed In 1934, a team of experts and scientists to be sealed with aluminum foil eyes , gauze bandages and layers of wool and then read the books placed in front of him. In 1935, in front of an audience of scientists at the University of London Council for Psychical Research, Kuda Bux has been shown to remain unharmed in the fire walking through a pit of burning coals. In 1945, he led a bicycle expertly through the congested Times Square, while his eyes were taped shut. The vision paroptica was at the center of a new interest in the United States in the late 60s. RP Youtz and Caroll B. Nash conduct test on the vision of the fingertip and became convinced that the subjects could distinguish the color differences of small temperature variations. Black, for example, is slightly warmer than the other colors, because it absorbs more heat. You can not consider another vision for this sense of temperature. Later, Nash designed a box that covered the entire head up to the shoulders, so as to exclude any possibility of peek.


Then he tested the subjects’ ability to distinguish between red and black. There were three types of targets: discovered, covered with a sheet of cellophane high 0.03mm, and covered with a glass plate of 3 mm thickness. Of the sixty objects put to the test with paper red and blacks discovered, fifty-nine passed the score attributed to pure chance, against the thirty-six out of fifty-tested with targets covered by cellophane and against only twenty-five to forty-three experiments with targets covered with the glass.

The results were interpreted as such as to suggest to the perception dermal rather than to clairvoyance, as there would be many reasons to expect differences so marked in some way had to do with whether the psi. Many things, however, indicate that they perceive to reflective targets and are not used different types of psi.

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