Terrestrial events interpreted as extraterrestrial experiences

In 1896 while Henry Ford built his first car and in Canada the famous gold rush began in the Klondike region, the United States was hit by a wave of tales of mysterious airships that according to many eyewitnesses plowed the sky above cities and farms. In the link below a background music suitable for reading this post, taken from the soundtrack of a science fiction classic ” The Day the Earth Stood Still“:

At that time many Americans waited for the advent of a lighter machine than the air and the descriptions of the mysterious airships perfectly matched those of the cigar-shaped airships that the public knew they could get up at any moment.


As a result, newspapers often interpreted these sightings as the product of an overly excited fantasy. Today, however, for UFO supporters, that nineteenth century wave represents the first mass manifestation of the modern phenomenon of flying saucer sighting. Almost half a century had to pass before the next massive wave of UFOs; although occasionally there have been individual cases of small local blooms of sightings. In 1938, a brilliant 23 year young man named Orson Welles, inspired by a Herbert George Wells novel “The War of the Worlds” went down in history for a mock journalistic chronicle of an alien invasion of the United States live for the broadcaster CBS radio station.The show was so successful that a little story spread about the effect it would have on the Americans who listened to it. In fact, it is said that millions of Americans were panicked and took to the streets, but it is not clear how extensive these phenomena were. In fact, thanks to his program, Orson Welles appeared on all the front pages of American newspapers, this guaranteed him the first step in an extraordinary career as an actor and director and he became one of the most versatile and innovative artists of the twentieth century.

During World War II, American pilots told of strange spheres of lights and disk-like objects that often appeared near their planes as they flew over Germany and Japan which were baptized with the name of Foo Fighter. According to the stories, those objects could have been the psychological secret weapons of the Axis nations, but later it became known that German and Japanese pilots also sighted similar objects. In June 1947, the official date of the first UFO-related controversy, Kenneth Arnold an American businessman, saw nine objects in formation near his private plane as he flew over Washington state. From then on in the United States there were no longer missing reports of flying objects, strange night lights, visits of humanoids, in a nutshell of the whole range of activities related to UFOs. The incidence of sightings has had a rather varied trend throughout history with maximum peaks of sightings in the years 1952 and 1957. In this wake, private study groups on UFOs proliferated, ranging from prestigious scientific bodies to religious cults on flying saucers. The military aviation developed a series of research projects in this field, but never gave the impression of dealing with the matter systematically. Everything suggests that the military aviation was aware of its aeronautical experiments on the development of the circular wing, which in flight can be mistaken for an object other than an airplane. In fact in those years some projects both from the allies (Vought XF5U) and from Nazi Germany (SACK AS-6) tested this type of aerodynamics on airplanes.

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Unfortunately, these types of aviation solutions have proven to be poorly maneuverable, due to the fact that the wings have not been able to effectively counteract the rotational movement of the engine. For this reason, the manufacturers have agreed to move definitively on the profiles of the “full-wing” planes that the Germans have already been active in the design since 1930 and which still represents both the present and the future of the aeronautics. Since 1989, in the skies around the world, it has been possible to identify the Spirit B-2, a strategic bomber of the American army equipped with Stealth technology (invisible to radars); actively participate in all the conflicts in which the US military intervenes At first glance the shape of this plan does not resemble that of a classic plan. In fact, if you happen to see one in flight, you could exchange it for an object other than an airplane.

In the years following the Second World War, the UFO phenomenon got out of hand, also thanks to a massive production of science fiction films in the period 1950-1970. The 1950s, however, were those of the great turning point, a true explosion of the science fiction genre with the production of a large amount of films by both Hollywood and independent studios, with the definitive customs clearance of the genre within pop culture , the contents they mainly dealt with: the mystery of science linked to the new conquests, to the alleged alien invasions of beings from other planets in an attempt to conquer the earth.Ufo pop Then came the first masterpieces of modern fantasy cinema: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” directed by Robert Wise, considered by critics to be the first film capable of recounting the figure of a wise alien messenger sent to Washington by a higher interplanetary power, and in 1953 “The war of the worlds” directed by Bayron Haskin which kicked off the vein of the “alien invasion”, which with some realism proposed an apocalyptic invasion of the earth by ruthless aliens. A theme that will be masterfully addressed in the 1956 film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” directed by Don Siegel, in which he narrates a secret alien infiltration on earth, where humans were replaced by perfect alien copies.

Coming to the present day, thanks to the technological impact on daily life, TV broadcasts, websites and dedicated Youtube channels, there is an infinite sequence of false sightings in every part of the world. Ufologists have no tangible evidence to say that alien peoples regularly visit our planet, appearing on photographs depicting bright spots immortalized in the distance. By publicizing these small concrete tests, they highlight the cognitive deficiencies related to purely terrestrial phenomena and cause people who want to believe in something to begin to appear valid in the minds.

What’s better between a boring truth or an interesting and funny lie?

Ufologists try to relate everything that appears in the sky with extraterrestrial life, including natural phenomena such as: the flashes seen in the distance and the unidentified flown objects, but omitting that a large part of the events are in fact phenomena of terrestrial origin , such as Sprites and Blue jets. Sprites are meteorological phenomena that occur above the clouds in the presence of thunderstorms and can be sighted at a height ranging from 50 km to 90 km, therefore between the stratosphere and the mesosphere. They are not real lightning, but they are more similar to the lighting of a fluorescent light bulb. Blue jets are similar to the previous ones but occur lower, in the stratosphere between 20 km and 50 km altitude. They differ from normal lightning in that they discharge upwards instead of towards the ground and originate from the top of the storm clouds. Both of these phenomena are quite rare and difficult to observe, due to their duration, less than a tenth of a second.

The optical phenomena that characterize our atmosphere are manifold and some very rare. They occur with strange shapes and particular colors due to conditions that occur with the action of solar or lunar light, clouds, water, and suspended particles. Below is a photo gallery of some of them:

Another type of natural event little known are earthquake lights. These luminous manifestations were found before and during telluric phenomena and occur with flashes that suddenly appear as lightning, linked to a rapid accumulation of energy trapped between the subsoil faults. These induced electric currents flow to the surface through fissures in the ground where; once ionized together with the air molecules, they generate brightness. The lights can take on different varieties of shapes, the main ones being steady or floating spheres in the air, and statistically UFO sightings increase significantly during earthquakes. Below is a video showing these unusual light phenomena during earthquakes:

In the USA it happened that some policemen chased in the car a bright object in rapid movement about 500 meters above the earth, but unfortunately it was the planet Venus!

The planet Venus is visible to the naked eye from the earth, but disappears for long periods and its subsequent appearances in the evening sky occur after 19 months. Also, Venus never ventures more than 47 degrees from the sun, so it tends to embrace the horizon, exactly where people expect to see landing planes (or flying saucers).


Statistically, UFO sightings increase in critical historical phases.

In the years between 1957 and 1975 the USA and URSS superpowers faced each other trying to prevail over each other in the pursuit of ever greater spatial successes in conquering the moon, and the planets of the solar system.

unnamedThe Soviet Union got the better of it and put the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, into orbit in 1957. Since then, things have changed a lot. It is estimated that there are over 14,000 satellites in Earth’s orbit, 60% of which are no longer functional and considered space waste. To get an idea of how crowded the space around the earth is, you can go to one of the many websites that track satellites in Earth orbit, or download the free application Satellite Tracker, which allows you to view the orbits and positions of the individual satellites in real time around the earth. I chose to view space traffic in a remote place on the planet, the Amazon rainforest. As you will notice from the photos below, the sky is very busy even in very isolated areas of the planet.

Many of these satellites are visible to the naked eye. If you happen to see suspicious lights looking at the night sky, like the ones in the video below, don’t be afraid! The light they generate is due to the onboard panels of the satellites that reflect the light of the sun by now set.

Another misinterpreted event present in newspaper reports from all over the world originating in the Pampa Argentina, is the macabre phenomenon of animal mutilations (M.A.M. Mysterious Animal Mutilation). In the pasture some specimens of dead cattle with portions of meat exported were found. From the dawn, these events aroused incredulity and fear among those who had seen the carcasses of mutilated animals and those who ventured in search of possible explanations for this phenomenon. The official date on which the first mutilated animal was discovered is 1967, although from various documented sources it seems that in 1700 there were testimonies of animals whose anatomical parts had been removed. The extraterrestrial hypothesis emerged from the very beginning of the phenomenon of animal mutilation. The use of extremely precise lasers and completely new methods in the late 1960s allowed some researchers to connect the phenomenon to an exogenous matrix with the earth.

It is a complicated reasoning to imagine alien beings from a distant star landing in the Pampa Argentina, to surgically remove pieces of cow to be brought back to their interstellar homeland for studies!

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A rat-like animal with absolute certainty is responsible for this phantom mutilation of cattle.

The sudden death of cattle in pastures is due to common diseases such as Mancha or Carbunclo, the bacterium lives in its spore form in the pasture, subsequently passing into the intestinal flora of the animals causing death. These diseases generally affecting cattle with a better nutritional status. At this point the Hocicudo (Oxymycterus akodontius) endemic to South America enters the scene, which has 17 species, an animal similar to a rat with a long nose, a natural scavenger, which after the death of the cattle feeds on their soft parts like tongues, eyes, ears and anus, leaving the cow mutilated.

I hope that all those who read this article are aware of the fact that the crop circles phenomenon is the work of creativity and human ingenuity, attributable to what can be admired every day walking in various cities that takes the name of Street Art ‘, which applied in the natural context takes the name of “Land Art”.

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Despite famous sightings including Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, they said they saw strange objects in the sky in the presence of witnesses, and according to some biographers of Elvis Presley the king of Rock and Roll, on the day of his birth, a strange light has appeared above his home in Mississippi, and that he himself has had strange sightings of alien origin throughout his life, I believe that contact between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations has not yet occurred. Aware that we are probably not alone in the universe! Pending criticism to be able to also deepen the topic, I propose an alternative way to have instant contact with interplanetary peoples with the guarantee of making them land!


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11 risposte a "Terrestrial events interpreted as extraterrestrial experiences"

  1. I believe that there are many things that exist for which science still has no answers unfortunately. I studied Geology in the Italian university and I had a problem with many unanswered questions. I am not referring to UFOs but to other topics. But I think that even though many sightings of strange objects were just sightings of military objects, there is something strange in certain places and in certain people. Something that not even science can explain. After all, we still have only 20% of our mental potential and therefore come closer to things that we are not yet able to see well? Unfortunately, there are many people who are speculating on UFOs and making money talking about them. No one has ever told us that maybe the aliens are ourselves, we who are destroying an entire planet, without even weapons, but only our stupid thirst for power.

    Piace a 2 people

    1. Thanks for the comment I agree with everything you wrote. I was very curious about your sentence about your geology studies: “I had a problem with many unanswered questions!”. Can I ask you in more detail what it was? If you don’t want to write it here, write me by email:


      Thank you very much.

      Piace a 2 people

      1. Some questions are very simple, for example: “When will Etna awaken?” Or Vesuvius? ”
        How many years will it take for the erosion of the Italian coasts? How many faults are hidden in places not yet explored? What’s inside the core of the earth? What is inside the sun? “And things of this type, and also other more specific ones perhaps regarding the isotopes of minerals, or the sediments of certain layers, … but many questions have remained written in my university notes. friend works at the Natural History Museum in London, studies meteorites and Moon fragments, collaborates with NASA, and still very little is known about these types of rocks. 😄

        Piace a 2 people

  2. You have done much research!
    I didn’t know of the radio program “War of the Worlds” until my Dad told me of it. I suppose it was convincing to the masses.
    That B2 is awesome! I use to want to skydive but I’d rather go for a ride in that or a favorite fighter jet. It’s okay if I get sick. : ) I don’t want to lose consciousness, though.
    I did not know of atmospheric lights caused by earthquakes. This is so interesting to read.

    Piace a 4 people


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