Saints and secret societies of Siberia

With its eleven million square kilometers Siberia it is one of the largest territories and remote in the world. For generations, the Russians have used it as a gathering place for all kinds of religious exiles and prisoners. The first thing you have to think about the idea of Siberia is a vast and desolate place where there were very few people. The Russians have always seen it as an empty space that you found them to be filled, but unfortunately we never succeeded because it was too big! There were no roads suitable for traveling to the country; and this has contributed to the sense of isolation that the Russian community in this environment felt very cold and hostile. Siberian religious scene is particularly rooted, as there was minimal overlap of other cultures. Siberian shamanism is therefore considered by the classical scholars, the less contaminated by other cultures.


Certainly the most celebrated figure Siberian shamanic figures It has been about Grigory Rasputin. Famous monk and visionary mystic, privy councilor of the Romanov family and very influential figure at the court of Zar Nicholas II.Rasputin appeared in the life of the Romanovs in 1907 and caught them in a moment of extreme psychological and emotional fragility. Mellow ground for a shrewd manipulator of souls like him. It is said to have the ability to healing, and many consider him a magician other a saint. The gist of the story is that according to witnesses he was the only one to be able to heal the crisis of hemophilia the youngest child of Nicholas II. Zarina then held in high esteem the Monaco, which greatly influenced the policy decisions of the Romanovs. Rasputin, previously in his village he acquired a reputation as a thief and a drunkard, and was forced to flee to neighboring monastery to hide. Here he met and befriended a wandering monk called Makary, who had been a counselor of Czar Nicholas II; and he decided to follow in his footsteps. So let it all and starts to wander to explore religion and spirituality as a way of coping isolation.

Rasputin left for long journeys and pilgrimages in various places; He suffered the axles of mosquitoes in swampy areas remaining motionless for hours.

For months Rasputin does not touch your body with your hands, do not wash, and do not changes clothes. Sometimes wearing iron chains to accentuate deprivation.


His journey which lasted about three years, led him to the south to Greece. It was hungry for most of the time, and physical deprivations caused by the way in a large country like Russia where it was not possible to ask for a ride must have been tremendous. The result was that when he came home; everyone has heard that he had been a change. People who met him were struck are certainly heard in those years of wandering had won some kind of religious essence; and after meeting him they were deeply fascinated and felt definitely religious.

These are times and places that accept the magic and healing as a lifestyle, where the pagan shadows even extend the life of their people.

Many in the village begin to suspect that there are deeper and more sinister reasons for his change. Someone believes that during his wanderings he came across in the followers of a mystical sect called Khlysts. This heretical sect seems to be built around 1630, and founded the farmer Danilo Filippov and spread mainly in Siberia. The Khlysts were anticlerical and had a particular type of worship that has nothing to do with the Orthodox Church. The cardinal principle of their doctrine was in the abandonment of sin, and in particular to sexual pleasures. These were the conditions necessary to elicit the action of the Holy Spirit.

Gathered in crypts sang, prayed procuring a state of exaltation and ecstasy called Bredinear. Religious services were divided into two parts. A part made of dances, and another flogging. Initially they danced and swirled to intoxication by this rotation. They call this whirling dance “spiritual beer.” They were intoxicated by some drug, but the true Holy Spirit.

Prophesying were possessed by this divine force, and spoke in a language like the howl of a wolf.


More they danced without stopping most was the strong feeling of contentment; until you get to a state of inner change. At that point when they were self induced a species of great exaltation it was were thrown to the ground. So began what was sort of orgy of the congregation in which all were joining carnally with whoever was near. Religious orgies were a key part of Khlysts doctrine; They believed that deliberately committing a carnal sin could regret it more intensely cosi’a approaching God. These people coming to such extremes were able to get to particular religious and mystical layers. They called sin to drive away sin. It was a very powerful and very popular sect in Siberia still remains widespread.

The church in Russia has become a power after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. In recent years the Orthodox parishes increased from 12,000 to more than 30,000. Alongside the official church, the USSR finally gave birth to the phenomenon of sects. According to experts, we are talking about 900,000 followers in Russia alone and approximately 700 seven.

Of particular interest is the last testament church founded by Sergei Torop “Vissarion”, more commonly known as the Christ Siberian. He was born January 14, 1961 in Krasnodar, from a family of atheists peasants. He works in the territorial militia, but it’s interesting to religion and esotericism (in particular, approaches Agni Yoga). Sergei Torop claims to be the son of God, came to earth as Vissarion. he says that one day the Holy Spirit visited him and told him he was the son of God, and later founded a sect called “the Church of the Last Testament.” the Vissarion doctrine combines traditional Christian elements of the Russian religious movements tradition to other esoteric derivation and New Age.

Former police colleagues in interviews said that Sergei was not always the case, but that when chasing criminals and ordered him to stop, they almost enlightened, immediately knelt before him.

For the adepts is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke or use in compensation money, sex is free. Among thousands of controversy caused by the high number of suicides in the community and the charges against him by the church Russian Orthodox, Torop goes on in his work by having more and more disc. In 2012 the case of Pussy Riot feminist convicted of the “prayer” punk against Vladimir Putin, was strongly supported by leaders of the Orthodox Church.


In the last ten years it is not the first incident of confrontation between transgression (more or less artistic) and religion. If Pussy Riot challenge Putin’s who he worships as a saint. A sunny sect women led by the enigmatic Mother Fotina, an aspiring nun, considers the Russian president the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. The sect would have its base in Nizhny Novgorod, a town near the River Volga. According to the Bible, “the apostle Paul, before embracing the faith, was a military leader and evil persecutor of Christians” supported the worshiper of Putin who formerly Putin was a KGB colonel.

“The idea of enclosure, of escape from the world, has always found its admirers …”

At the beginning of April 2014 the bailiffs of the Republic of Tatarstan have cleared, in the city of Kszan, a house in which they resided fifteen people, the last members of a religious sect known as “Fajzrachmanismo”.


This sect owes its name to the saint who founded it, Fajzrachman Sattarov, which now has more than eighty years old but already forty years ago was the deputy Mufti Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan. One day Sattarov, after falling by a bus, saw a spark and decided that it was the light of Allah. He began calling himself a prophet and has collected hundreds of followers, claiming the small plot of land where his dacha an independent state was located, and closed any kind of relationship with the outside world. When after two decades the authorities have managed to find an excuse to go into that land, they found, under the foundations of the house, an underground city of eight levels where, in tiny damp cell, lived seventy people who had never gone to life them by a doctor, nor had ever taken drugs, whose children were not sent to school; among them there were also pregnant underage girls. But already in 2007, in the Penza region, thirty-five followers of the apocalyptic group had been discovered “True Russian Orthodox Church” founded by a former architect Pyotr Kuznetsov who called himself “the arcimonaco Maksim” or “miserable Petr”.


Where the followers waited for the end of the world scheduled for May 2008 in a cave / monastery. They could not watch TV or handle money and apparently regarded as credit cards and barcodes as satanic symbols, and threatened to blow themselves up if they tried to free them by force. Within six months after the death of two women in the group, the hermits left the shelter of their own free will. The sect based his doctrine in the rejection of the objects produced by the company, and in particular the idea of founding a sect had come to Kuznetsov after the divorce from his wife that he could not accept that her husband was sleeping in a coffin and preach precepts dubious value.

It seems that both Kuznetsov was very disappointed by the non-arrival of the end of the world, so much so that he tried in vain to take his life, pulling a very strong blow on the head.

After the disappearance of the hermits, the police locked up in prison Kuznetsov and the judge made the interned in a psychiatric hospital.

Another long-lived sect was the Ashram Shambala, vanquished in 1999 by security forces in Novosibirsk and arresting its leader, Konstantin Rudnev who was accused of creating an organization that violates the personality and the rights of people. The former metalworker has based its hierarchical worship at the end of 1980, ensuring the teaching of esoteric and occult rituals and the opportunity to “clean up its energy channels.”


The cult grew rapidly, gaining up to 20,000 followers throughout Russia. The acolytes of the sect were forced to use drugs and participate in orgies feeding exclusively with vegetable soup. Also in some cases they have been punished by the lack of food and sleep. Rudnev was originally arrested in 1999 but escaped from a psychiatric hospital. He was arrested again in 2005, but his followers refused to testify against him. The quack was finally arrested in 2010, when he was found in possession of heroin. So that some of its devotees have decided to testify against him. Rudnev has denied all the charges during the trial and told the court of being “an extraterrestrial from Sirius, sent to earth to enlighten people and lead them to the truth.”

The court sentenced Konstantin Rudnev 11 years in a maximum security prison.

Finally Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy, a graduate in mathematics native of Kazakhstan who claims to remotely resolve any problems of life; using his own method called harmonization process based on numerical sequences. He points to solve problems of both electronic and mechanical as on airplanes, space and nuclear power stations; both in the medical field as a defeat cancer and AIDS.


In his palmares also boasts to have publicly announced its intention to run for the Russian presidency and wanting, as the first act of his term, “banish death from Russia.”After the assassination attempt in 2004 to Baslan at the hands of Chechen terrorists with a budget of more than 300 deaths, promises to mothers of murdered children to bring them back to life; under $ 1500 payment for the victim, but unfortunately failed under the watchful eyes of the authorities and the Russian public. at this point the Russian authorities he was arrested in 2005 and sentenced to eleven years in prison, but was released in 2010. the day before the release, has “offered” his “services” to search for the missing miners following the collapse of a coal mine in Siberia . But the Russian people do not forget and do not go much for the subtle, so the mayor of the neighboring mining town of Mezhdurechensk has explicitly said that if it was presented would have driven back.

On all charges he has always declared “not guilty” and he justified his actions as political, social, religious and scientific.

According to Christopher H. Partridge author of ” Encyclopedia of New Religions “it is a global mass phenomenon not confined to Siberia. The theology of the new groups ranges from esoteric to various revisionist interpretations of Christianity, of ‘Hinduism to Buddhism up to believe that God will arrive on a spaceship from another galaxy.

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  1. Do all sects have to consist of members, certain ritual practices and certain rules? Or can a sect have a non-strict membership system, with only a number of ethical principles, and more activities in the form of discussions——for example, to discuss how to apply the ethical principles flexibly?

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    1. All sects are made up of members! If there were no members, the sect would not exist! This is because the head of the sect must plagiarize people to try to get everything from them (money, loyalty …). All sects in the world are meant to curl the leaders, while acolytes are satisfied with a form of spiritual and religious satisfaction.
      The flexibility of ethical principles defines them as the head of the sect, the members of the sect have no power. Most of the people who join these philosophical doctrines are very people who consider the head of the sect to be a light in the dark.

      I hope I was clear.

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    1. There is little information about Siberia being in a very remote location. Naturalistic is fantastic, for the animal species that populate it and for the ecosystems present. It is also one of the least explored places on the planet earth due to the very low temperatures.

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